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Water Signs 🌊🤍 (July + Early August)


*for future readings I use the Food Fortunes deck but I don’t know the equivalent to RW so I don’t list those cards :)

Channeled Song: Oh My God - Ida Maria


This month you may be put in multiple situations or events that are out of the usual for you. You may also be experiencing a high amount of synchronicities lately. Don’t be freaked out. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and you may feel like your spirit is being pushed forward by some unknown force. This drive will get you to something stable that you’ve wanted for a long time and that will last you a long time. This could be a career decision or a relationship.

1st week of August:

I heard the word hearty. For some reason I’m thinking Mulan and the men who sing A Girl Worth Fighting For. The first week of August you’ll be very satisfied with where you are in life. I’m seeing a lot of wide smiles and sunlight. Some of you may be more focused on your health and in tune with your body. That’ll make you happy. For others you’re going to feel like a star or king. You’re either going to receive some kind of promotion or do something that makes you feel on top. Lastly, some of you will be traveling somewhere warm and foreign. Don’t be afraid to try the foods. I’m getting that they may smell too strong for you.


9 of Cups + The Magician + Ace of Pentacles + King of Wands + 7 of Wands

(I love the way this looks!) Water signs, your career is looking good for the next couple of weeks! Y'all have been or will be working hard and making a name for yourself. It's been a long time coming for some of you. I'm getting that this new shift in your career will bring you the abundance that you've been waiting for. I'm getting conflicting feelings though. Sometimes you felt doubt and thought maybe it wasn't coming but then you'd have moments where you felt the complete opposite. Well, it's time to pick a side because it's coming your way. Don't let doubt or negative feelings ruin this for you or cause you to miss your blessing when it's in your face. Others are gonna see your success and want to take part in it so expect a lot more people to reach out and ask for things.


King of Coins+ 10 of Swords + 3 of Coins + Page of Swords + The High Priestess

Love has been slowly growing within you but on the outside love has been beating you up. It was brutal for some of you too and I'm sorry you had to go through that. That "torture" and pain made you guys oblivious to your own feelings. You've been doing all types of things to numb the pain of loneliness or just heartache but then it crept on you and it was too big for you to ignore. You had (or have) no choice but to let the emotions swallow you whole. I know that's not what you want to hear but you need to know that life without pain, struggle, and sacrifice isn't a life lived or loved at all. Love can be lessons learned over and over again. It can come and it can go but through it all you stay and so does the love you have for yourself. Know that this period of sadness will make you feel stronger in the end. You'll be ready to pursue love again soon. You are so divine right now but when this period of healing is over with you won't even be recognizable! That's a good thing in this instance. Some of you may be in relationships, if you need to take a break away from your partner please communicate this. It doesn't have to be a break-up but maybe 2-3 days away.

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