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The Story of The Ocean, The Sun, + The Moon

The Moon was very loved by everyone and had multiple suitors. She was known for her grace, gentleness, and nurturing nature. However, she was also known for being extremely indecisive as she was always changing her appearance and her mind.

The Moon’s favorite lovers were The Ocean and The Sun.

She loved The Ocean because of their depth and seemingly sempiternal riches. The Ocean reminded her of herself, constantly flowing and changing but always keeping their essence. The Ocean was exciting and often put on elaborate displays of glowing fishes and octopi dancing with silk wings.

The Sun is powerful. He’s known for his intensity and dominating aura. The Sun took good care of Moon. The Sun would wage war with any celestial being, if it meant that he could keep The Moon to himself. The Sun often bathed her in his light and warmth, hoping that it was enough to make her stay but in all of his passion and strength he was still insecure. The Sun was the opposite of The Moon. He wasn’t that appreciated. He believed he was boring but The Moon loved him because he was stable. Because he was loyal to her through all of her phases.

One day while The Moon was visiting The Ocean, Sun had noticed and gotten very fed up.

“Moon.” The Sun’s voice boomed throughout Earth. Earth covered her ears as whatever issue Sun had with her child was beyond her. The Ocean was one of her most mischievous children, them being confronted was no surprise to Earth.

The Sun rampaged. Fire flared from his surface and around his head. He made Ocean boil, killing all of The Ocean’s beautiful creatures. His anger only continued to grow.

“I’ve done nothing but love you and deserve to keep you for myself.” The Moon wept, pleading Sun to stop as he was quickly killing her love. However, during The Sun’s envious rage he hadn’t noticed that he was harming the rest of Earth’s children.

Earth pushed the Sun outside of herself and into darkness where he was far away from her. She then covered herself with a shield to protect her loved ones from any future attacks from blazing Sun.

From Space, Sun cried. He was broken and in despair. His flame had lost its intensity. His crown had lost the glow it had. So, he returned and offered a “deal” with Moon and Ocean.

“Let Moon return to me in the evening. She will be by my side, shining brightly. She will become a Goddess and help me heal Earth from the destruction I’ve caused. In the day, she will be here with you Ocean doing whatever it is that she loves to do with you so much.”

The Moon was a loving being and only wanted the best for everyone. She felt that she had caused enough trouble but this was one time she had made up her mind. After witnessing The Sun’s anger he had scared her tremendously. Moon wanted to stay with Ocean so she said no. Sun did not like that so he took her by force. He grabbed her by her waist then threw her over his shoulder while he sped away through the sky. With the moon over him Earth was briefly cast into darkness. However, The Sun stayed true to his deal.

Every night, Moon rises from Ocean kissing them softly before she leaves while whispering promises of returning tomorrow.

In the evening, Ocean stretches their hands every night to her in an attempt to feel her again. When the Moon can, she sneaks closer and Ocean rises to greet her.

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