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The Lonely God

This land was barren before I came and the people struggled. I breathed life into the soil.

I put pieces of my soul into the rivers and lakes.

It was my Magick that brought them warmth, love and prosperity.

I took pieces of my heart to build their shelters.

I gave them pieces of my spine for strength and good health.

I’ve watched them grow and spoke continuous blessings over their lives. I appeared to them when they needed me most and when they needed me the least.

On my peak I see everything. I’ve watched them evolve. I’ve watched them take my gifts and make their own magick until I was abandoned. Until I was left to die. No one came to lay offerings of crystals, incense, and food anymore. The children of my children didn’t care where their prosperity came from.

I destroyed everything. The same soul that gave rivers would be the same one that caused them to overflow. My heart broke and so did their homes. I reached from the sky and took back everything. Leaving them only with their own power. The land was barren.

I am a lonely god but this may be my destiny. Do not approach me without offerings or gratitude. I will take everything from you before I let your lack of grace kill me again. Now, no one worships me without my permission.

I am a lonely god. I sit on my peak where only the ones with past knowledge come to sit with me.

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