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Stargazer(s) Stargaze: The Introduction


Infinity + stars + mortality

The stars hide themselves at night while the world is still awake, because who are they to compete with all of those city lights? Who are you to question it? When you can’t see all the infinite-less space above you, of course you’d feel limited. How could you feel anything other than trapped? We know the importance of being up from 12 to 5 before the sun rises.

If you never look up, you’ll never be reminded of where you come from. You’ll never remember that your life is an experience to be had, not a battle to be won. You’ll never feel yourself expanding into an infinite space and not feeling thin. You won’t know the importance of being everything and nothing and dying and living all at the same time. We know the value of that rebirth.

Stargazer(s) stargaze to get back in touch with yourself.

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