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Lilith's Return

Black Moon Lilith end your slumber.

Full Moon Mother bring us into darkness to show us how brightly we shine.

Lilith, maternal spirit of the night, find shelter in my worship of you.

We crawled from the void to cause chaos and bring peace.

We sit and watch the world burn. We let it because it warms our soul.

We’ve been castaway and blamed for birthing the world’s demons but you still turn to us in your time of need.

Lilith is awake.

Lilith stands strongly in the face of God and yells in his ears.

Lilith was first.

Lilith did not look for strength in Adam, she had her own.

Lilith become me.

Lilith makes me a force.

Lilith teach me to find freedom in other people’s fears.



Liberate me.

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