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Earth Signs: Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn 🌱🤍 (Tarotcast for July + Early August)


*for future readings I use the Food Fortunes deck but I don’t know the equivalent to RW so I don’t list those cards :)

Channeled Song: Instant Destiny - Tame Impala

July: Next month will be a big month for you. Spend the time you have relaxing and doing things you enjoy. I feel my feet in the sand. Someone needs to either take a vacation far from where you are or somewhere that brings you back down to earth. You may think that what you're doing right now is relaxing but it isn't. It's time to learn what true relaxation means and looks like for you. Some of you may be feeling mentally out of sorts and will spend some days trying to find inner balance. Things may feel surreal and out of place this month, and you won't be able to pinpoint what you want to. This is why relaxation is important.

1st week of August: You are the underdog. People don't know how important you are to them until you're not there or you make them feel it. You're going to be in people's faces this time and you won't be ashamed about it. People may wonder where this energy came from and f you've had it this whole time. Who cares? You're powerful. Some of you can expect admiration, offers, and people wanting to get closer to you.


The Hanged Man + 8 of Swords + Page of Swords + King of Swords + The Tower

This spread made me irritated. Y'all are frustrated. You're lost, confused, and feel unsure of your path and future right now. I know you like to be in control and be as many steps ahead as you can but that isn't happening this time. With your career, you need to loosen your reigns. Stop being such a stick in the mud and leave some things to God. Speaking of which, when was the last time you sat with your spiritual team or made some kind of offering? Make a business plan with them but you have to let them do their part or so help me lord you will continue to have an unclear sight of your future. I know how hard it is to release, especially when you've already made a habit of monitoring everything. It will feel new and uncomfortable to you for a while but it's time for you to change your mindset and how you handle your business/career life. If life isn't where you want it to be right now then it might be time to face it. ACCEPTING WHERE YOU ARE DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU WILL STAY THERE! Love you! (Somebody needed to hear that)


Two of Coins + Two of Wands + The Star + The High Priestess + Seven of Wands + Eight of Wands

(There are a lot of wands here... someone needs some "release" or will be getting some sooner than they expect)

You've been living in the past and the future at the same time and it's been confusing you to be honest. I'm not gonna lie the past is nice and comforting. It feels warm like a childhood blanket but you've gotta move on so that you can continue to move up. This means moving on from old love, old pain, or old ideas of what love should be. Let it fall away because there's no room for it at all in the future. Some of you have been manifesting a new relationship that's ideal for you and you've been waiting patiently. During this waiting period you've changed so much. On the Star and High Priestess card it transitions from a little girl to a grown woman. Y'all have changed a lot and have been working on yourselves for a long time. You're so mature and regal now it's amazing. While you were working on yourself, your counterpart was doing the same thing. Some of you may know this person but they're unrecognizable from the person you knew before. Hats/Heads are significant? Maybe someone is insecure about something having to do with the head. For some of you entering new relationships, the beginning may be a little rocky but don't give up. It's just new to you and it's making you uncomfy. Don't run because you're scared of things being good for you. The rest comes easy.

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General: *for future readings I use the Food Fortunes deck but I don’t know the equivalent to RW so I don’t list those cards :) Channeled Song: Oh My God - Ida Maria July: This month you may be put in

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