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Beacons for Moths

I thought moths were stupid for mistaking everything for moonlight until I realized that they were just so desperate to get home they took anything that looks close to it… even if that meant dying.

I had a big big fear of moths. The eyes on their back intimidated me and made the skin on my neck crawl. I didn’t like how it felt like they could see through me. When I stopped being scared of myself I was able to look the moth back in it’s 4 eyed wings.

They were ugly creatures. They looked like some piece of lint that nature picked out of a crevice. I thought they only came out at night because they were ashamed of how they looked. I’ve loved butterflies because I thought they were moths superiors until I learned they were equals. Now I see the beauty in them. A butterfly wouldn’t be able to thrive in my (beloved) moonlight the way moths can.

I hope that one day I become radiant enough so that at night I become a beacon for moths. I hope that I remind them of the moon and they find a home in my halo. I hope that one day I can guide us both to the moon.

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