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As soon as I turned 18 we were gonna run off to the courthouse. I was 17 and amazed you’d wait that long for me.

We could have an actual wedding later. We could understand love and have more of it later, if we wanted.

You had asked me to choose my first ring and I’d get a better one when we were almost rich.

You had almost killed me when I said hell no. If you couldn’t have me then no one could. That still haunts my dreams.

You trying to love me and sacrifice your future just so you could be close enough to hold me since I cried every time you left still lives in my heart.

We were almost married.

We were almost close to our future’s overlapping all of the time.

We were almost living in a house with our two daughters whose names we stayed up past curfew thinking of.

We were making promises under the night air and stars to each other that one day we were going to make come true.

We were almost married.

We were already renewing our vows before we signed our first contract.

We are inseparable. Our pasts will overlap for the rest of forever.

And I will always remember the way you held my hands and heart when we were almost married.

I already loved you.

For W. Where pieces of my love come to lay.

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