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Air Signs: Aquarius, Libra, Gemini 🌬🤍 (Tarotcast for July + Early August)


*for future readings I use the Food Fortunes deck but I don’t know the equivalent to RW so I don’t list those cards :)

Channeled Song: Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

July: You're ready to reap your rewards this month. Some of you are too eager though. Know that this month things will be presented to you in a clear way or you'll be level-headed enough to make important decisions this month in terms of your success. It's important that you remember to be balanced. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing after all.

1st week of August: The beginning of August will be fast paced for you. I'm hearing that some of you are used to that though. Things will be a little chaotic and it may cause some headaches so please remember to stay hydrated and well rested. Later in the week (Wednesday?) you'll be getting an energy boost and some kind of saving grace that'll give you everything you need to finish the beginning of August strong.


King of Swords + 5 of Wands + Temperance + 6 of Wands + King of Wands

So you want to get into stock and making investments? Someone may have brought it up to you in conversation or they presented you with a really good idea. You should go for it but know that this is something that requires patience. Don't get thirsty or too worrisome after you've made your investments. Never invest anything you can't afford to lose. You're going to be seeing some cash flow from this opportunity! Some of you may make this an occupation and work with others. Others of you may do this on the sided but either way this will be a good time for you.


3 of Coins + 5 of Coins + Knight of Coins + 2 of Cups + 10 of Wands

Oh man, I see something kind of snuck up on you that left you heartbroken. You weren't prepared for it and it tired you out emotionally. It put you through the wringer but it led you to a period of self discovery and reflection. You can expand your sights to see further than you could before (there's more fish in the sea). Some of you may just be roaming in love right now. You aren't really looking for anything but whatever happens, happens. This 2 of Cups is strong. This was clarified with Ace of Coins and 4 of Coins. Although some of you may not be actively looking for love its coming anyways and it's divinely orchestrated. Some of you actually already know its there but you can't be scared this time around. It's okay to be vulnerable if it feels right. Discernment is important but is it really that if you're shutting EVERYBODY out? No. It isn't. Lastly, this 10 of wands should be gruesome because of the skull on this card (it's the Divine tarot deck or something like that? I can't remember right now.) but with the trees growing out of it I'm seeing that this is longterm and many beautiful things will grow from this relationship and be passed down generationally. You'll be healing generational curses together and to believe all of this came after a moment of heartache. Hm.

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General: *for future readings I use the Food Fortunes deck but I don’t know the equivalent to RW so I don’t list those cards :) Channeled Song: Oh My God - Ida Maria July: This month you may be put in

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