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I will show you. I will show you all the wrongs that you are capable of. I will teach you. I will teach you each and every sin I’ve...

Fill This Space

Every conversation she has ever had was whispered between her and something beyond her. It felt like someone she had known her entire...

Prairies In Summer

First you were a mountain. How could you be so cold even though you were so close to the sun? You stood there proudly, a sight for my...

Raging Inferno

If my external matched my internal, I would be a raging inferno. I would set fire to everything I touched and take everything in a matter...


My body has done nothing short of love me. My body has delivered me through life. My body has carried every trauma and every blissful...


I said Lord, if they are mine then let them return home. Let them wash over and soothe my aching heart. Lord, if they are mine let them...


I will show you. I will show you all the wrongs that you are capable of. I will teach you. I will teach you each and every sin I’ve...

My Favorite Color

When I was a child, my favorite color was blue because it reminded me of the sky and the ocean. I wished I was a bird or a shark often so...

The Lonely God

This land was barren before I came and the people struggled. I breathed life into the soil. I put pieces of my soul into the rivers and...

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(Oberon's Psyche)

Each reading comes with channeled messages* , tarot pulls or spreads, and oracle pulls. Past, present, and, future energies are also looked at. I will be as in depth as possible. 

Regular Readings are $40 ($5 per extra question) Readings are done within a week of payment acceptance. 

Live readings are done while we are both active online**, you are allowed to ask questions, get clarification, and more for up to 4 hours for $50 an hour!

*These can also be done through text, phone calls, or voice notes. I do not do video calls!


Pink Blossom

What's Going On

This can serve as a check in just to see how you're doing. It can be a general overlook of your life as well.


Ask 3 questions 


Purple Flower

What Should You Do

This will read about your past situations in love, how you've grown from them, and who is coming in next. I  will do my best to give a description of the person and the relationship where necessary. 

These can also be for platonic, familial, etc. situations

I don't do messages from your current person without there permission!


Ask 3 questions 


Palm Trees

What's Up With Money

Note: I am not a financial advisor.

This is general financial advice based on what comes through and what the cards say. Finance readings include what you may need to do to improve your finances, any financial developments, and any preparation you need to do


Ask 3 questions


Beautiful Nature

What You Need to Know

Learn more about how your career decisions impacted your past, how you're doing now, what will change, and what you could be doing differently. 


Ask 3 questions 

Spirit Guides

Cliffs and River

Who Are They

This will describe who your spirit guides are, what they may look like, and how they present themselves to you. This will also include how to get closer with them.


Broken Trunk

Who Are You

This reading includes the spirit guide reading, what your ancestors want to say to you, how they present themselves to you, and how you can break generational curses.

Your may ask 4 questions

These are only done 4 times a month. $100 per hour or $350

Thank you so much for trusting me with your energy! See you soon! - Indo

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Hi :)

Quick Intro

My name is Indonesia and this is the home of all of my creative projects. 

This is a place where I write poetry, stories, random journal entries, notes, and very occasionally tarot/readings. 

I'm hoping this will be a place where you come to relate, learn, and grow with me. 

See you again soon!

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