Scammin Priestess

How far I’m willing to go for love I carried myself to the end of the World A rendezvous with God where space meets water Asked the...

The Butterfly is 2 Species

There’s no worth in the duality of men. Where is sacrifice in the hearts of men? How strong is the desire to be free? To be someone else?...

My Voices’ Vices

It’s too easy to overindulge It’s too hard to stop How easy it is to let escapism overwhelm me How hard it is to stop. One day I’ll stop.

After You

When it’s time to learn to live a life without you… Let it be when life is long but enjoyed, Let it be after reminiscing younger worries...

The First Brief Anthology.

My journal is a long list of wishes/delusions and evidence of the cycles that come with growth. 2018-2022. Congratulations Indo, you've...


there should have been a bang to push us into new beginnings, instead we stood brightly then to twinkle then to fade away, only the stars...

Temper Tantrum///Settle 4 More

A response to you making my life unhealthy. A quick reaction to show my displeasure. An almost violent reaction to a loss. /// \\\ I...

Feign Ignorance

Always creating scenarios to feel alive, hopeful. Always holding too tightly because what is life and love with no logic, control. Freely...

Mercy, Mercy, Mary Magdalene

Do you know the value of witnessing? Can you give me the same heart to love and lead? Mercy, Mercy, Mary Mercy, Mercy, Magdalene Will you...

Lost the Plot Somewhere,,,

God bless my clarity. God bless my common sense. Somewhere along the line I lost love for you. It fell through my fingers like bread...

Giants Hide In Mountains

Move slowly, although ungraceful, you cover much ground. Still reach for the Sun, your size intimidates and awes. Although you are rough,...

Marlboro Duppy

Keep me and my water bottle company Look over my shoulder at the lake, while I try to take everything good from you Rest on my head, make...

Cyclone Queen

As she gets stronger I get thrown deeper into her chaos, deeper into love with her. I’ve found comfort in her thunder and the cuts from...

Rainbow (in my) Heart

Waiting for Clouds to Pass When I looked around, I was surrounded by a comforting darkness. Then it began to storm. When the rain first...


Do I make life worth living for you? Do I make you want to be someone new? Are you afraid to lose me? I like when you tell me that my...

Keep It A Buck

I’m not gone hold you Literally or metaphorically If loving me is too intimidating, too intense for you then say that. If you aren’t...

I -Divine

I am subjective. I am the duality of man. I am the extremities and the in between. I dance wildly on Love and Hate’s line I am the...


When you say you love me, remember to dig your knife deeper into my back. Gentle touches turn into pins and needles when I don’t give you...

Apollon’s Cycle

Knock me down. Break me down until nothing is left but a memory of who I wanted to be. Give me endings. Appeal to my masochism. Let me...



(Oberon's Psyche)

Each reading comes with channeled messages* , tarot pulls or spreads, and oracle pulls. Past, present, and, future energies are also looked at. I will be as in depth as possible. 

Regular Readings are $40 ($5 per extra question) Readings are done within a week of payment acceptance. 

Live readings are done while we are both active online**, you are allowed to ask questions, get clarification, and more for up to 4 hours for $50 an hour!

*These can also be done through text, phone calls, or voice notes. I do not do video calls!


Pink Blossom

What's Going On

This can serve as a check in just to see how you're doing. It can be a general overlook of your life as well. If you'd like an in depth life reading, message me for more details. (@oberonspsyche on Twitter)


Ask 3 questions (This is for $40 readings)


Purple Flower

What Should You Do

This will read about your past situations in love, how you've grown from them, and who is coming in next. I  will do my best to give a description of the person and the relationship where necessary. 

These can also be for platonic, familial, etc. situations

I don't do messages from your current person without there permission!


Ask 3 questions (this is for $40 readings)


Palm Trees

What's Up With Money

Note: I am not a financial advisor.

This is general financial advice based on what comes through and what the cards say. Finance readings include what you may need to do to improve your finances, any financial developments, and any preparation you need to do


Ask 3 questions ( This is for $40 readings)


Beautiful Nature

What You Need to Know

Learn more about how your career decisions impacted your past, how you're doing now, what will change, and what you could be doing differently. 


Ask 3 questions (This is for $40 readings)

Spirit Guides

Cliffs and River

Who Are They

This will describe who your spirit guides are, what they may look like, and how they present themselves to you. This will also include how to get closer with them.


Broken Trunk

Who Are You

This reading includes the spirit guide reading, what your ancestors want to say to you, how they present themselves to you, and how you can break generational curses.

Your may ask 4 questions

These are only done 4 times a month. $100 per hour or $350

Thank you so much for trusting me with your energy! See you soon! - Indo


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Hi :)

Quick Intro

My name is Indonesia and this is the home of all of my creative projects. 

This is a place where I write poetry, stories, random journal entries, notes, and very occasionally tarot/readings. 

I'm hoping this will be a place where you come to relate, learn, and grow with me. 

See you again soon!